Patient Review by Tara T

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND any one of these surgeons to my family members, friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. They are extremely kind, compassionate, sympathetic, and knowledgable on an array of topics in the dental profession as well as other topics related to your overall health and well-being ( as well as their entire staff at their 3 office locations) I am NVR afraid to ask a question, voice a concern, or felt pressured into anything I feel uncomfortable and/or uncertain about doing in my decision making process. What has really won me over is that I have been having alot of dental complications over the past 6 months and these wonderful surgeons have ALWAYS been accessible whenever I needed them. Their bedside manner is unprecented, especially in times of emergencies. They have ALWAYS taken their time, assessed my problems, and NEVER steered me in the wrong direction. If fact, they have ALWAYS done what is in my best interest and I am forever grateful to them!!!!

- Tara T

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