Patient Review by Paul B

Dr. Gunawardena extracted tooth #19 back in January 29, 2019. Excellent hands and he handled the extraction with great sensitivity and success. No need for pain meds after the numbing agent wore off. Wow! Second extraction was on April 30th., tooth #30. This one was more involved but Dr. Gunawardena again, did the extraction with great skill and sensitivity. He has great hands. Given the extent of my infection surrounding this particular tooth, I thought I would have to take pain meds for sure because this tooth needed more attention and more detailed cleaning of the socket after the extraction. Well, another 'piece of cake' extraction outcome. No meds needed. Felt comfortable hours after the numbing agent wore off. I was surprised. No need for pain pills. My third extraction will be forthcoming this July 3rd. tooth #3). Well, I am actually looking forward to it, thanks to Dr. Gunawardena. He is exceptional in his expertise. A great guy, too, I can tell. His confidence fills the operatory. This put me at ease prior to the extraction. Very glad I was referred to OMS by my primary dentist, Dr. Lou Trovato, also a great guy. I am fortunate to have such talented dentists taking care of me. What goes on with the mouth can affect your total body's systems. Oral/dental health is key to a better immune system along with other bodily functions.

- Paul B

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