Patient Review by Leslie S

I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr.Kienle , the nurses and entire office staff members on my surgery day. I had all four teeth extracted at the same time along with two other teeth being addressed that had been causing me discomfort. From the minute my husband and I arrived at the front office we were greeted with the friendliest personalities as they handled pre-surgery paperwork, payment and notes for us to take for missing work. When they took me back to the room for surgery they ensured I was aware of everything they were doing and made sure all of my questions were answered. Then came surgery time, I only remember asking them how long it would be and they just said, the next time we talk, we’ll be waking you up to go over to recovery! This was true! It felt like 5 mins and they were done. In reality it was about an hour or so but I had no clue. I didn’t have any pain , just felt a little loopy and tired as expected from the meds. I figured maybe the next day or so I would be feeling horrible, but no! I was still doing great, I was able to go to a hair appt, enjoy a friends 40th bday party, make a scarecrow for my daughters class and entertain my children and their cousins for a mini Halloween gathering all in the same weekend that I got my wisdom teeth taken out. All of my family and friends were surprised and asked for the office information to schedule appts. , lolll! My husband was my driver for the day due to the sedation and agreed their staff was awesome and accommodating from start to finish, even walking with us all the way to put me into the car after surgery! I don’t want to have to get dental work done, but if it’s happening they are the only offices I’ll allow to do any further work! I’m simply spoiled by their great service! Thank you all for everything!

- Leslie S

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