Patient Review by Frances T

This was my first visit to this office. I was extremely anxious and nervous. The staff at the front desk made it an easy check-in and were friendly and courteous. I only had to wait about five minutes before going back to the operating area. All the nurses were amazing! They do everything possible to make you comfortable. Sheila held my hand my hand when it was time to get the local anesthetic done. Dr. “G” is phenomenal! Very professional and explains every detail to you, as well as asking you if you have any questions for him. Laura (I hope I got it right) was the nurse with me during the procedure and she talked me through it! It really help ease my nerves having her talk to me during the procedure. The extraction was painless and quick! It’s that not knowing before the procedure that gets you. I would defiantly recommend Dr. “G” and the entire staff. I also have a consult scheduled for the next step, which is an implant. Thank you everyone for being so kind to me.

- Frances T

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