Patient Review by Joe T

Let face it, nobody wants to see the oral surgeon, but Dr. Kienle and the staff at the Ft. Washington office made it a more pleasant experience. I had a wisdom tooth removed, a molar removed and a bone graft. I initially wanted to have the extractions done separately because the recovery would be more difficult. (at least in my mind) Dr. Kienle explained that it would be better as one procedure due to reduced anesthesia risk and the recovery wouldn't be too uncomfortable. He was right, In my case the post procedure discomfort has been OK. Dr. Slone's recommendation and the information presented on the web site is what brought me to your practice. What was most important to me was the fact that Dr. Kienle has a medical degree as well as the dental degree. When being put under general anesthesia, I want a doctor with medical training if something unforeseen happens. The nursing staff was great. Overall a positive experience.

- Joe T

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