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This page contains testimonials from our patients about their experiences with Drs. Schelkun & Kienle Associates. If you wish to share your own experience, visit our Write a Review page.

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Drs. Schelkun & Kienle Associates

5 out of 5 stars based on 172 reviews.

Patient Review by Andrew S

Overall care and communication with Dr Schelkun and his staff was excellent. Dr. Schelkun's professional abilities are outstanding. The pain level and recovery time after the procedure were much less than anticipated.

- Andrew S

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Patient Review by James L

Good experience. No pain whatsoever after procedure. Everyone was friendly.

- James L

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Patient Review by Steven S

100% satisfied. I wish there was a higher rating than five stars! This is the only place to go if you need oral surgery

- Steven S

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Patient Review by Stephen T

I recently had extractions; this place is very friendly and makes you feel at ease

- Stephen T

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Patient Review by Tony W

I have a horrible fear of dental work so imagine my fear level with 2 teeth being extracted AND a bone graft. Dr. Kienle and his staff, especially Lauren my nurse, made this a comfortable, caring, and friendly environment to the point my heart rate was at a resting state as they starting the IV. I would HIGHLY recommend OMS Centers to EVERYONE who needs dental work and they will be at the TOP OF MY LIST for any future dental work or consultantions

- Tony W

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Patient Review by Pat M

The staff made this procedure as pleasant as possible and was very attentive to my needs. Would definitely recommend them.

- Pat M

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Patient Review by Marilyn E

My extraction was handled as well as possible including the sedation. I never even knew that I was getting drowsy and then I woke up and it was all over. I didn't need to take any of the pain medication. I called with an issue after the office was closed and was promptly connected to Dr. Kienle.

- Marilyn E

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Patient Review by Jze T

Will recommend to everyone, my overall experience and recovery was great!!

- Jze T

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Patient Review by Marshall D

Easy to make appointment, procedure went flawlessly

- Marshall D

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Patient Review by Elizabeth O

Dr. Kienle did an excellent job extracting two wisdom teeth and Dr. Gunawardena worked tirelessly to extract a difficult molar!!

- Elizabeth O

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Patient Review by Sophia B

This is a magnificent practice that has provided me with exemplary service at each of my visits. The doctors are incredibly skilled at what they do, and I've never had any complications with any of the procedures I've had done. The doctors are also very nice and friendly and easy to talk to, and are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. 10/10 for sure.

- Sophia B

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Patient Review by Jacqlyn h

Dr Steinkeler and his staff were the best I would recommand them to everybody..

- Jacqlyn h

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Patient Review by Edward H

5 stars all around very pleased with entire staff and doctor ,no pain or problems after surgery ,great job, thank you

- Edward H

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Patient Review by Joanne R

I know that all I could think of to say was Excellent but it's just true. From the moment you arrive till you leave you feel that you've been dealing with people who know their stuff. Now I understand that not everyone would leave here feeling that way but for me ... I was confident that I had chosen the right place to have the oral surgery that needed to be done to help me feel better. Dr. Steinkeler also told me of other options that I have available for future things that can be done to help me get back a positive smile. I would recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a oral surgeon and staff that know what they are doing and make you feel at ease and don't pressure you into having procedures done that might not be for you. An excellent experience.

- Joanne R

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Patient Review by Michael H

Excellent experience with this practice. Staff and physician were professional and friendly. Procedure and recovery went just as it was explained to us. Would definitely come back and recommend highly! Thank you!

- Michael H

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Patient Review by Rebecca C

Overall I was scared for the procedure but the doctors and nurses made me feel comfortable and at ease. If I ever had to receive another procedure I will DEFINITELY go here. They have such outstanding care. Definitely a 10 out of 10 experience!!

- Rebecca C

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Patient Review by Nick W

Great experience. The first time that any doctor took me before my scheduled appointment time. WOW!!

- Nick W

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Patient Review by Lydia S

It’s weird to say for a wisdom teeth extraction experience, but I had a very pleasant time! Staff was very nice and helpful and I really liked that we could call them after to ask questions, and they even checked in on me the day after the appt.

- Lydia S

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Patient Review by Josh L

Great staff, great surgeon. I felt safe and well cared for.

- Josh L

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Patient Review by Christopher S

Everyone made me feel very comfortable before/after my procedure. I had such a great experience and will gladly come back.

- Christopher S

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Dr. Schelkun & Staff,

Recently my mother had a dental extraction by Dr. Schelkun. She is 95 years old and came on a rainy day in her wheelchair.

The entire staff was so kind and considerate which included two of the staff going out in the rain to insure her safety ad assist getting her into the car.

My mother was very impressed with the skill and efficiency with which Dr. Schelkun removed her tooth.

Thank you for your care of my mother.



December 2016

Dr. Andrew,

Thanks. Just a simple thank you for the great job in pulling my tooth. I can say that I didn’t have to take not one pain pill afterwards. Great Job!!! And to your staff as well.



Dear Dr. Steinkeler and Staff, 

Thank you so very much for answering your calling!  We so appreciate your thorough treatment, your patience, concern and kindness!  Everyone was so sensitive and caring!

These gifts mean so much!  Best wishes as you continue this amazing journey!  Know that you are truly a blessing!


Barbara & Family


Dear Dr. Schelkun, 

I wanted to thank you for helping me with my 7th grade science fair project, your contribution of teeth was great, and I could not have done the project without your help!  Once again I wanted to thank you for all of your help.  It was great having you help me.



August 2016 

Dear Dr. Kienle,

Thank you so much for helping me and fixing/healing my jaw.  When I first sat in your office I cried because of the news of wiring my jaw shut, but now I look back and really appreciate your help and decision on doing this.  I appreciate you and your staff taking the time to work with me and making me feel comfortable and at ease.  Again thank you for all that you have done for me!


July 2016 

Dr. Schelkun,

I wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did on my implant.  I felt blessed to be under your care and I’m so appreciative of your generosity.  We all hold you in such high esteem and your friendship to my entire family is an amazing gift.




Dr. Schelkun & Staff,

Thank you for making my recent trip to your office a pleasant experience! I look forward to using your practice in the future! Thank you kindly!



Dr. Schelkun:

Hello – Hope things are will with you. I just wanted to write you and let you know that I had an extraction done by Dr. Steinkeler on Tuesday. This was my 1st time visiting your Fort Washington office and the first time meeting Dr. Steinkeler. I was a little nervous about the whole situation, but as soon as I met Dr. Steinkeler and his staff, I could not have felt more comfortable and more at ease. Dr. Steinkeler and his staff (Jennifer and Debbie) were very professional, very easy to deal with and they all made me feel very relaxed given the severity of the situation. The whole process seemed to be overwhelming at times, but the way they conducted themselves was very impressive. Please let them know that I’m very grateful for their help and I appreciate everything they have done for me.

Warm Regards,


Good morning,

I just wanted to extend a thank you – you were all wonderful and I truly appreciate all of your efforts to make my tooth extraction as painless and stress free as possible. I was extremely anxious about this and the whole team was fabulous. I’m very glad I was under your care for this, and while hopefully I don’t need any more in my lifetime, I’ll be sure to refer you all to anyone I know who needs any work done!


Photo: Oral surgery thank you letter from a Congressman


Dr. Schelkun,

I deeply appreciate the very professional and courteous service that you and your staff have always provided. In addition, your technical explanations during my treatment are always very helpful and appreciated. Thanks again.

Best regards,



Dear Dr. Schelkun,

Just a little not to thank you for helping me through this trying time in my life.

I am so grateful to you. Your compassion for me touched my heart.

Youre a wonderful Doctor and I will always sing your praises.

God Bless You,


August 19, 2015

Drs. Schelkun, Kienle & Steinkeler,

You all in one way or another had a hand in assisting in my care. Along with Patty, Christina and the rest of the staff you showed me thoughtfulness, caring and respect!!! I am grateful for that.

You were all professional and yet kind. You took the time to answer my questions and brought me back in when there was a possibility of infection.

I know that your time is valuable and I am very grateful and thankful for you taking me on as a patient!!!

Dr. Steinkeler did a wonderful job with the extractions! The first nine went well and I know the remainder of the extractions will go smoothly, too!!!

Dr. Steinkeler is very confident and that confidence relaxes a patient (me). Especially with my medical history!!! Twelve more to be extracted and not nervous at all! Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!


July 24, 2015

Dear Dr. Schelkun and Staff,

I just wanted to express my gratitude towards you and your staff. Thank you for your urgency and compassion and kindness. You guys are awesome!


July 8, 2015

I just stopped by to say hello! Wanted to see you in person and shake your hand to thank you for caring for my son, Nicholas back in 2007 when you extracted wisdom teeth and moved his molars from horizontal to vertical position. He has since graduated college and is working in Delaware. I have passed the office many times and asked God to continue to bless you, your family and staff. Nick has a beautiful smile and is healthy Thank you for your work!


April 2nd, 2015

Dear Dr. Schelkun,

Wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and your wonderful staff for the exceptional interest and care I have received since I first spoke with Monica.

Dr. Schelkun, you are the best! It was a long arduous path to your door. However, I am so grateful to have arrived there since you completely resolved all of my current issues so effectively.

Please, thank everyone, once again for their kindness, understanding and gentle care.

Mary Jo

August 13th, 2014

Dental Lifeline
Dr. Mark Kienle
And all the assistants who helped make this possible,

Now that my much needed dental care has been completed, I wanted to take a moment to truly thank each and every one of you. Without your kindness, generosity and participation I simply do not know how this would have turned out. Because of you, I now live pain free and can afford to offer others a decent smile.

I simply cannot explain how much I appreciate all you’ve done to help me. You’ve no idea how Ive been humbled by this. Like so many others, Ive spent my entire life working hard, paying the bills and taking the responsibility to take care of myself. Unfortunately, all of that radically changed in 2009, and I, like so many others, lost almost everything which included a job and the resulting medical coverage that came with it. And just like that, it was all gone.

Your dedication to your craft, your kindness and your decision to play a part in this wonderful program at Dental Lifeline will not be forgotten by me any time soon.

Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU,


Dear Dr. Schelkun,

I wanted to let you know how thoroughly pleased I am with my visit to your office last Friday and with the results of the surgery.

The whole process was a pleasure from the moment I walked in until I walked out. Your front office staff are delightful and professional and yet they take a personal interest in your patients.

The procedure was a cinch thanks to your skill and experience and assuring manner. Barbara is like a rock gentle, calming and soothing. I have had no pain or problems, as a matter of fact, I feel much better over-all. I look forward to my next extraction.

Thank you,

Thank you for a painless and professional job well done!


Dear Dr. Kienle,

I just received a copy of your report from my visit regarding my TMJ problem, and I wanted to thank you for sending me a copy. I forgot to ask you for a copy and was planning to get one from one of the doctors you sent it to.

I was impressed by your clean and thorough description of what has transpired with my jaw over these last months, in addition to your grasp of my migraine history and how the injury has impacted that pre-existing condition. That discussion, coupled with your clinical findings and recommendations, will be most helpful to the various practitioners currently treating me.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to say what a great job Dr. Schelkun did this morning, extracting two top wisdom teeth. Everything went extremely smooth. When I got home there was very little blood on the gauze. I was waiting for the anesthetics to wear off so I could take the pain medications. Two hours later, there really was no pain, and still none. I used ice packs on both sides of my face throughout the day, and there is no swelling. Its now after 7 pm, and I feel the same as I did last night at this time. I put this off for many years (try almost 50) because of other people I have talked to and articles I read because I didn’t want to go through it. Thank you, Dr. Schelkun, and Donna too.


Just a sincere note of appreciation to thank you for the professionalism and for the dedicated care that you provided to my brother. Joel had 5 extractions and he did beautifully. Thank you so much for your services and care.


I want to thank you for helping me with my insurance dilemma. I cant say enough about the practice overall. You all operate at a very high standards and I really appreciate it!



A brief note of sincere appreciation for the outstanding performance by you and your staff in connection with my extraction performed on May 15, 2013.

As you probably noted, I have only half of the normal set of thirty-two teeth so I have had a total of sixteen extractions over the years of dental care by quite a number of different professionals.

As a result of your high level of competence, I had only a minor amount of blood seepage, absolutely no swelling and very low level of pain discomfort.

I am a retired industrial engineer and after many years of analyzing manufacturing activity to determine the best utilization of labor and material to obtain the most cost effective result; I salute you and your staff for the excellence that was portrayed during my two visits. Everyone knows what to do.

I dont expect to be in contact with a lot of people who would need your services but rest assured, I most certainly will recommend your practice as being the very best I have ever experienced.

We have thanked our dentist for her recommendation of your group when my need for oral surgery arose.

The fact that the crown of #32 had broken off as a result of serious decay caused me to have a bit of trepidation about the extraction process.

You did a great job and I sincerely appreciated it.

Best regards,


Hello, my name is Patrick I had my third wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Kienle on Tuesday, December 23rd, and just wanted to let you guys know how great and professional the experience was. Everybody was pleasant, knowledgeable, and really helped to answer my questions. I was a little nervous going in but Dr. Kienle did an excellent job with my procedures and 24 hours post op Im pain free.

I just wanted to let you know how great my experience was and how much I appreciate it given it is so close to the holidays.

Have a great holiday everyone and a happy new year.